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Free Land Buyers Guide

What you don't know can cost you!

The guidelines here should be carefully considered when making a major purchase such as land. Know what you are purchasing and how the land can be used by consulting professionals to guide you through the process. They can explain the laws and procedures that pertain to your property. Don't leave yourself open to costly or unpleasant surprises always consult a professional. Our 25-years of experience speaks of our professionalism and we look forward to assisting you to making your dreams a reality.

Questions You Should Ask and Answers You Should Insist Upon

Q. Is the property surveyed?

A. Yes... With a surveyed parcel you are guaranteed that the acreage will be exactly what you contracted for and the boundary lines are as shown on the survey map and pinned and flagged on the property. Without a survey you can only guess at the number of acres and the exact boundary lines.

Q. Is financing available?

A.Yes... Many local banks are eager to assist in financing your land. In general they require 20% as down payment. If the property is a good value, a local bank should finance it for you. If the bank is not willing to finance the property you are interested in perhaps they know something you don't. Be wary of land contracts.

Q. What have comparable properties in the area been selling for?

A. It is especially important when you are purchasing for investment only, that you "buy right." If properties of comparable size, terrain and aesthetic appearance have been selling in the same area for slightly more than you are contracting to purchase for, you are probably "buying right." If you are financing, a bank will have an appraisal done assuring you "buy right."

Q. Is the title to the property clear? (Free of liens, easements, and other encumbrances)

A. Yes... Property on which clear title is guaranteed (usually by Warranty Deed) is "worry-free" and far more saleable than property which is encumbered by liens, taxes, or easements. However, an easement or right-of-way can sometimes benefit a potential buyer by offering additional access to backland.

Q. What services are available in the area?

A. The answer to this question will depend on your use for the property and your desire for privacy as opposed to convenience. Most rural properties are provided with fire and police protection along with basic utilities such as electricity.

Q. What are the current taxes on the property?

A. We all wish taxes were lower especially when we are buying property as an investment. Taxes usually relate to services provided by the town. You will be given an estimate of your future real estate tax amount.

Q. What are the zoning and or deed restrictions on this property?

A. Each state, county and town follows different subdivision and zoning regulations. It is very important that you understand what uses are permitted or not permitted on any given property in order for you to decide which parcels meet your requirements for a specific use. Occasionally a property will meet with all town requirements for a particular use but a deed restriction will not permit that use. Be sure to ask if there are any "deed restrictions". If you intend to build, inquire about building codes.